Up Scapes, LLC

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A Few Words About Us

Up Scapes, LLC is a full-service family-owned and operated business. We opened our doors for the first time in 2003 and are still here today because of great customers like you. Owner Michael Saberniak started a small lawn maintenance business while in high school and continued to grow and operate the business through his Bachelors of Science in Business Management at Lake Superior State University and futher studies in landscape architecture and urban forestry at the University of Wisconsin. Over the years, through every change, and in continued expansion we remain committed to customer satisfaction, professionalism, superior service, and exceptional quality.

In 2009, we started our nursery in order to better serve our customers. This has allowed greater variety in plant choices and in our designs. It also assists homeowners installing their own landscapes. The retail nursery is open by appointment and on select weekends throughout the spring and summer.

What We Offer

We provide great, reliable, and clean service every time and are committed to giving you, the customer, what you need. We offer as needed lawn maintenance, not just every 7, 10, or 14 days as other service providers. Our work sites are always owner supervised. We develop organic fertilization programs and landscape managment plans that are uniquely tailored to your property as well as free landscape design consultation.

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"They are the best in the area! I absolutely loved the environmentally friendly approach. Exceptional service too!"


"UP Scapes takes care of all of the landscaping and maintence at my summer home. I am always impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of landscape design."